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network marketing is tough

...only if you still do it the old way!!!

Do you still rent halls for presentations only to have 3 people in attendance?

Do you still spend time and energy distributing flyers all around town?

Do you still memorize all manner of presentation, marketing and sales scripts?

Do you still do three way phone calls with your team and prospects?

Then what you have is a JOB...not a BUSINESS...because you are 100% PHYSICALLY involved.

Network Marketing is a NUMBERS GAME; to recruit 5 people, you might have to talk to 100 people.

...and this could drain you physically, mentally and financially !!!

what if you could?

  • Attract 10 to 100 more LEADS daily without physically chasing them?
  • Present your business to 100 or more people DAILY without physically getting involved?
  • Score your LEADS so you focus on those who have shown more interest?
  • Recruit DOWNLINES into your team 24/7 even while you sleep?
  • Have your LEADS book appointments to talk to you so you can close the sale?
  • Earn EXTRA INCOME showing this system to your recruits so they can duplicate faster?

Well, you CAN'T...but a ROBOT CAN do even more!!!

...So let's get to the point...

Here's What You Get

  • Robot Assistant that generates LEADS for you via Facebook messenger.
  • Robot Assistant that generate leads for you via unique links that can be placed anywhere.
  • Robot Assistant that helps you recruit qualified leads into your team.
  • Robot Assistant that answers all the Frequently Asked Questions about the Products & Plan of your company.
  • Robot Assistant that schedules live conversations between you and only those who really want to listen to you.
  • Earn EXTRA INCOME showing this system to your recruits so they can duplicate faster.


  • Customized Landing Page website for your business (LIMITED TIME ONLY).
  • 30 Day FREE post set-up maintenance of your robot assistants and packages.
  • Googlesheet document set up to collect your LEADS.
  • FREE PDF Workbook on How to Craft your winning social media messages and OFFERS.
  • FREE Guide on how to crush your goals in your MLM company in 90 Days or less.


  • Are you sick and tired of this bring two people and teach them to bring two people thing?
  • Are you sick and tired of chasing people up and down to pitch your business?
  • Are you sick and tired of losing time and money to old school MLM strategies?
  • Are you sick and tired of renting halls for seminars only to have an attendance of 3 people?
  • Do you want an AUTOMATED SYSTEM that saves you TIME, ENERGY and MONEY?
  • Will you like to crush your FINANCIAL GOALS within the next 90 days by playing the game of numbers?

Then STOP wasting time... Every minute that goes by is another minute that your robot assistants could be working very hard for you on Facebook!!!

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$ 274

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a PDF checklist of materials we need from you to configure your own robot assistants. They are simple things like your preferred robot name and details of your MLM company. We will then go ahead to configure your robot assistants.

It takes 72 hours to configure and test your robot assistants. You also get a 30 Day FREE post set up maintenance and update.

YES, we can configure it for everyone who joins your team so you can duplicate faster and achieve your goals with less stress.

YES, you earn 20% of $274 ($54.8) for everyone you directly refer. Your earnings will be sent to your preferred receiving channel within 48 hours of the sale.

The system is FREE for the first 30 days after which a monthly maintenance of $10 is charged for every 500 subscribers to your robots.

YES, once you have achieved your goal, you can send an email to 101X@sethoyinloye.com and we will treat it accordingly.