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who is seth oyinloye?

As a business architect and trainer, Seth has worked for government projects, agencies, high networth individuals and big businesses like the:
E-naira project
Central Bank of Nigeria Center for Economics and Finance (CBN-CENEF) online project
Defence Reference Laboratory project
Rotary International
Mike Omotosho Foundation
Mike Omotosho Governorship Campaign
Northern Cables Processing and Manufacturing Company Limited (NOCACO)
Unity Bank PLC
Serviceking Nigeria
Top Network Marketers and a whole lot more…

Seth is your plug if you really want to scale your business and life.
Question is, are you willing to scale???

what's blocking your prosperity?

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Hi, I’m Dan Henry
In 2015, after delivering pizza for 7 years, I hit rock bottom and had to sell water bottles to pay my electric bill. I decided enough was enough. So I started researching how to build a profitable online business and get clients. Since then, I’ve:

Sold $25M in in online consulting & education.
Founded and exited a 7-Figure software company
Used the cash flow to build a 7-Figure investment portfolio.
Wrote a WSJ & USA Today bestselling book
(Digital Millionaire Secrets).
Became a professional speaker, closed $1 Million in a single day from stage.
Now I help aspiring entrepreneurs create and grow online businesses that attract high paying clients, so they can build a life they deserve. To date, we’ve sold over 1,000 seats into our own high ticket coaching program, and used what we’ve learned to helped thousands of entrepreneurs.

Build a Business That Makes You Proud, So You Can Create a Life That Makes You Happy.

roadmap to seven figures in your mlm

He is an Author, Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur.

Seth will help you develop mental and emotional relationships with the subject of prosperity in all areas of your life. His experience proves that we were all born wealthy, but our individual self-image is the key determinant of our lots in life. Seth’s mission is to help you discover where your thermostat is set and help you expand it so you can live a wealthier life.


If you need an out of the box idea for an out of the box project that touches lives in anunusual way, Seth is your go to guy. Seth will not only provide solutions, he will guide you through it to make you co-own the solution for effective, efficient and timely delivery of results.
Dr. Mike Omotosho
Seth exposed me and my team to a simple but very effective way of selling more products and recruiting new distributors into my network marketing company. He helped us set a 90 day goal with weekly deliverables and we crushed it in 71 days. Just an awesome guy.
Betty Coleman
Network Marketer
We were looking for a competent marketing company and Seth Oyinloye more than delivered. From our online presence to brand extensions, we easily noticed how their work brought in 50% more sales in a few weeks to our agric and medical business.
Dr Okwuokenye
Owner, Farmwell NIG
I run an NGO that empowers women and youths and also provide medical services to vulnerable people. Seth helped us figure out our message and offers that helps us do more good and receive more goodwill and support from donors as well as volunteers both locally and internationally.
Dr Edidiong Etete
Seth took the time to understand our project and gave us a few amazing marketing plans to choose from. He guided the implementation and kept us committed to truly growing our sales. We wholeheartedly recommend Seth Oyinloye to everyone we know.
Ben Adeleke
Chairman, Serviceking
It was Seth that showed us how to do market research for our company in this age of social media; then he went ahead to build us a marketing system that blew our revenues within 8 months staring with simple landing pages for our services and quizzes for our target audience.
Houmam Lababidi
Construction Company Owner

get out and live

what's blocking your prosperity?

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